guitar mural

December 2017

Greetings! Against all odds, we find ourselves roughly as far from the West Coast as it is possible to drive in the “Lower 48.” A transition through about ten states in two weeks places us on the Space Coast of Florida, just below Cape Canaveral, halfway down the Atlantic side of the state. According to […]

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mossy branches

August 2017

Greetings! Summer means a trip to northwestern Washington and the micro cabin we built nearly 20 years ago, somewhat before the current “tiny house” craze began. Much of our time is spent hacking our way through the overgrown brush and fallen trees to clear the quarter mile trail between the road and the cabin, then

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April 2017

Greetings! There is always a point in our travels when we reverse our trajectory and aim Sierra’s wheels toward the sunset, retracing our passage through the time zones and gaining hours as we move west. This moment occurred a few days ago when in an unprecedented marathon of driving (for us) we journeyed well over

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